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Carbine Electronic Leverset [CEL-3IN1-SL8SNKIT]

Carbine Electronic Leverset [CEL-3IN1-SL8SNKIT]

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Keyless entry - this is a commercial grade, electronic leverset that allows you to get rid of the pain that is managing keys!

It can be operated by PIN codes, swipe cards or keys and is very easily programmable at the lockset.


Features -

  • Fits in standard 54mm entrance set hole, no additional drilling required.
  • Access codes and RFID cards can be programmed through the lock.
  • 25 PIN codes and 25 swipe cards.
  • PIN codes from 4 to 8 digits.
  • Guiding code, ability to enter program false numbers before true code.
  • Vacation mode, lock out all users.
  • Auto lock delay timer, 5-99 seconds. Pres set at 5 seconds.
  • Double authorization mode possible for additional security - so card and code required.
  • ANSI G2.
  • C4 keyway 6 pin cylinder, keyed to 5 pin key.
  • 60-70mm adjustable latch.
  • SL8 style lever.
  • Supplied with 2 RFID cards per lock.

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