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D&D Gate Magna Latch (Vertical Pull) With Alert [55310029]

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 MagnaLatch ALERT models set entirely new levels for safety gates around swimming pools, childcare centres, schools, homes or wherever child safety is critical.

Note - this product is NOT the pool gate version, you will find that here. However, this gate has the same functionality as shown in the video below, it just may not comply with the height requirements of pool gates.

The MagnaLatch ALERT offers dual electronic warnings: bright, flashing LED lights and an audible alarm that sounds if a gate is opened or left unlatched. So you can see at a glance and hear from a distance, if your gate is not secured.

A shorter version of the Top Pull, it is ideal for pet security gates and other security gates around the home and garden.

  • Visual unlatched alarm.
  • Audible unlatched alarm.
  • Magnetically triggered latching.
  • At-a-glance lock indicator.
  • Key lockable (Silca LW5 keyway).
  • Incorporates the popular PD 8221 barrel.
  • Independently tested to meet pool barrier & safety codes.
  • Adjusts horizontally and vertically.
  • Latches in locked position.
  • No mechanical jamming during closure.
  • Suitable for metal, wood and chain link gates.
  • Easily installed and maintained.
  • Dimensions: 520mmH x 34mmW x 85mmD

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