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Dorma Closer TS83 EN3-6 GLD [DOTS8300GLD]

Dorma Closer TS83 EN3-6 GLD [DOTS8300GLD]

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The DORMA TS83 EN3-6 closer is non-handed closer suitable for interior and external (outward opening) doors and can be tailored to a specific door with simple adjustment.

Power adjustable with a screw, closing speed (180° - 15°) and latching speed (15° - 0°) adjustable with separate valves with final adjustment by standard arm.

Backcheck is self regulating or adjustable by valve and delayed action is also adjustable.

Suitable for standard doors installation up to 1400 mm (W).

firerated-icon Suitable for fire doors.

Dimensions Weight
245 mm (L) x 46 mm (W) x 60 mm (H) 1.7kg
  • Dorma TS83 regular door closer.
  • Ideal for commercial applications.
  • Variable closing force size EN3-6.
  • Overhead surface mounted door closer.
  • Adjustable latching action by valve.
  • Adjustable backcheck.
  • Adjustable delay action.
  • For standard internal doors up to 1400 mm.
  • Includes parallel arm bracket.
  • Parallel arm mounting doors up to 950 mm.
  • Flat-form arm assembly.
  • Fire rated.
  • Finished in gold.

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