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EL iConnect Wireless 2-Way PIR With Camera [EL4755]

EL iConnect Wireless 2-Way PIR With Camera [EL4755]

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Note: This item is a component of the EL iConnect Alarm system and won't work without that system - so you need to purchase the kit [EIKS2014TGTA] to use this sensor with.

The 2-Way wireless PIR detector incorporates three state of the art technologies:

  • PIR motion detection.
  • CMOS imaging technology.
  • Two way wireless communication.

When armed, the camera is automatically activated by an event and captures a series of images during and after the alarm. These are sent to the end user or security personnel via the smartphone app or web application. Any detector can trigger the PIR Camera to transmit images, subsequently allowing verification of the type of event that has occurred.

Users can also trigger image transmission on demand, through the app or web interface.

  • Night vision with 2 IR LEDs.
  • 10m coverage range in absolute darkness.
  • IR flash ensures camera picture capture remains discreet.
  • Automatic B&W in low light conditions.
  • Number of pictures per event configurable from 1 to 10.
  • Any detector can be configured to activate the picture capture.

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