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EL iConnect Wireless Alarm Kit [EIKS2014TGTA]

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Simply put - an alarm system that is totally wireless so you can easily fit it yourself and with no destructive damage to walls - no screws required!! So take it with you if you move premises. Whilst you can connect the system to a remote monitoring service (back to base) - you can also save yourself the monthly fee and manage and monitor the system via your mobile phone.

Kit inclusions:

  • Control panel with keypad.
  • 2 PIR's (infra-red sensors).
  • 2 Key fobs (remotes)

iConnect 2-Way is a powerful and streamlined 2-way wireless intrusion system, designed for residential and small commercial users. Connection to the cloud-based ELAS server enables users to remotely control their iConnect 2-Way systems through the ELAS app (so mobile phone) and web browser.

Features and functionality of the system as follows:

  • Arm and disarm the system via they control panel keyboard, remote control fobs, or remotely via your app.
  • Alerts to your phone or computer when the system is triggered.
  • By use of the camera sensors, set the sensor to take a series of photos when triggered.
  • Numerous add-ons available to the system, such as audible alarms, panic buttons, video sensors and pet sensors.

 System benefits:

  • Can be easily retrofitted to any premises and taken with you when you leave.
  • No ongoing remote monitoring service fee, saving approximately $40 per month.
  • When the system is triggered, know whether it is a false alarm or not, alarm systems are commonly triggered by Geckos or similar.
  • Can be used to confidently monitor aged parents or other similar cases.

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