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EL iConnect Wireless Outdoor Siren [EL4726]

EL iConnect Wireless Outdoor Siren [EL4726]

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Note: This item is a component of the EL iConnect Alarm system and won't work without that system - so you need to purchase the kit [EIKS2014TGTA] to use this siren with.

Wireless blue strobe triangle external siren. It is fully battery operated and wireless, so it is an easy and flexible solution for quick installation.

The siren can be configured to output exit and entry beeping tones. Up to four sirens can be connected to one system.

Simply put - an alarm system that is totally wireless so you can easily fit it yourself and with no destructive damage to walls - no screws required!! So take it with you if you move premises. Whilst you can connect the system to a remote monitoring service (back to base) - you can also save yourself the monthly fee and manage and monitor the system via your mobile phone.

  • 105dBA piezo sound output, adjustable volume.
  • Alarm/Tamper indication.
  • Low Battery indication.
  • Typical battery lifetime: 3 years.
  • IP44 weather rating.

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