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Tile Slim - Key Or Wallet Finder  [TILESLIM]

Tile Slim - Key Or Wallet Finder [TILESLIM]

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Tile Slim will help you find your keys, or anything else you misplace regularly!

The world's thinnest Bluetooth tracker - as thin as two credit cards. Easy to stick, slide or tuck into tight places such as wallets, purses, passports and more.

Tile connects with an App on your phone and then uses the Bluetooth functionality of your phone (or tablet) to locate the Tile.

As long as the Tile is within the Bluetooth range of your phone (approximately 30m) - the Tile will make a musical sound to help you find it, along with telling you the approximate distance to the Tile. The Tile also works in reverse - you can use the Tile to find your phone, how cool is that!!

Other functionality:

  • Your phone will remember the last location it connected to your Tile. So see where you left your Tile.
  • Via the app, if you report your Tile lost, then it anonymously uses every other Tile user globally and will report back to you your Tile location whenever any other Tile user comes within Bluetooth range of your Tile.

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